About Italy Rooms.net

Who are we and what is our page about?

Italyrooms.net is a nice and simple site about travel. Mostly we speak about, you guessed it, Italy.

Now why Italy? Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is the birth place of many nice things such as pieces of music, art, fashion and movies.

We also love the diversity of the country. It has some spectacular beaches, most romantic countryside, mountains in the north for skiers and historic cities. Not to mention the food culture that has permeated the whole world. Now where does pizza come from..?

Especially we love Rome, Florenze and Venice. And no, Venice is not a theme park, but a real city with real inhabitants.

Did you know that Italy contains within its borders not one but two mini states, the Vatican and San Marino?

If you love Italy as much as we do give us a shout here.